"somebody or something that brings about an inspired change"

Welcome to the online portfolio of Sam Nelson. I am a recent graduate of the Digital Media Design program at NAIT, and am currently working as a freelance web designer in Edmonton, Alberta. My focus is on effectively communicating the message that my clients wish to convey in an efficient, eye pleasing manner. If you would like to find out more about who I am, including my life outside of coding, simply follow the link below.


"the use of imagination to invent things or produce works of art"

I have constructed a variety of different websites, and I view each new project as an opportunity to continue to learn more about my craft. I am currently proficient using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery and Javascript programming languages. I also have a solid understanding of Adobe Photoshop and the fundementals of page layout and visual heirarchy to assist in the creation of unique, effective web designs.


"to describe something that is fleeting or intangible in a lasting medium"

After completing a digital photography class during my time at NAIT, what started as a mild interest in photography quickly blossomed into a full blown passion. Photography is an excellent creative outlet for me, and serves as a source of inspiration and self-discovery. My camera is never far from my side, and i am always on a quest to find that perfect shot. Samples of my work will be uploaded to my photography page regularly.